Why are we the Best?

ATV Riding

Sand Mountain


Recreational Campground and AgriTourism facility

Camp Ridge Point is located on the scenic banks of the Homochitto River and provides the utmost family entertainment for the young and old.  Having been established in 1970, this RV/ATV/AgriTourism facilty is beyond a doubt the most majestic and unique property in the South.

To say Camp Ridge Point is a campground is like comparing the Egg Bowl to a backyard football game.  Camp Ridge Point is a Mississippi Agritourism Industry that offers its members and visitors the unique opportunity to see firsthand the process of planting, maintaining, and harvesting of soybeans on a Mississippi farm.  There are multiple gravel drives and All Terrain Vehicle riding trails located throughout Camp Ridge Point that allows members and visitors the ability to see all aspects of our soybean farm.  In addition, Camp Ridge Point offers its members the ability to ride All Terrain Vehicles on backwoods riding trails along with the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Mississippi sunshine on immaculate sandbars, while taking in the serenity of the pristine Homochitto River.  All members of Camp Ridge Point have a leased campsite that is conveniently located to soybean fields, riding trails, sandbars, and the Homochitto River. 

We hope you enjoy our website.  Please contact or office at 601-532-7159 if you are interested in obtaining a membership at Camp Ridge Point or to obtain a copy of our rules and regulations.  Our office hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m, Monday - Friday.