Important Announcements:

AgriTourism, Camping, ATV Riding, Pristine Sandbars along with grilling and chillin

We would like all campers to know that we have acquired approximately 500 +/- acres located along Magee's Creek.  The property adjoins Camp Ridge Point and offers over 1 +/- mile of creek riding and has numerous riding trails located along both sides of Magee's Creek.  As you can see in the photograph to the right, the existing riding area is shaded in red and the new riding area is shaded in yellow.  We are currently preparing the trails along the new property so that we can have them open by February 1, 2014.  We hope everyone enjoys the new area as it is similar to what currently exists with the exception it offers more privacy along the sandbars and offers more trail riding than what we currently have.  

Recreational Campground and AgriTourism facility

Camp Ridge Point  offers a rich experience, with activities that include ATV riding, camping, swimming, fishing, grilling, hanging out with family and friends, and the opportunity to see firsthand the planting, maintaining, and harvesting of soybeans on a Mississippi farm.

Your membership contract only covers the area of your campsite. The riding areas, other campsites, and all other areas of the campground are not covered by your lease.  The riding areas are a privilege provided by Camp Ridge Point, Homochitto River Park, Inc., and Howard and Myra Herring and this privilege can be revoked at any time.  Should you violate the rules we have the right to take keys from your bike and impound your bike until you are ready to leave the premises; at which time your keys will be returned to you to load the bike onto your trailer.  In addition, you and/or your guest will be prosecuted for trespassing if you enter upon any lands other than your assigned lot except by utilizing the nearest road to exit the property.